I have been painting all kinds of seeds.
they are so fascinating to me! 
All the little seed-containers have different forms and shapes & so many variaties.
And even the seeds themselves are all so different from one another. 
The way they sow and spread out, are all different.
Some jump out of the containers, others just fall out, some are blown miles away by the wind, 
or birds eat them and drop them someplace else.
To me its amazing and so beautiful how all this is made and created.
Looking at these small beginnings and the wonder how it grows after being planted.
The fullgrown plant does not look at all like the little seeds...
growing into trees, plants or even weeds.
Everything in life starts small, like little seeds, hardly to be noticed.
untill after a season, they mature.

Same amazement I have with the bulbs in spring.
beautifull purples, whites and greens. 
all so beautiful! and then after winter is gone,.....all the colors come out!

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