Back in 2000, I was asked to make a wallpainting in Kosovo.
The company that had asked me, was going to help orhans and widows..
making a youthproject, building a lifehouse, and more other things
They wanted to have a wallpainting, to brighten up, and give hope to the devastated war-torn nation, 
where war just had ended.
I had never done a thing like this, and never made a wall-painting, so I said; 'I don't think so'.
The next day, when I awoke, I had an idea for the walpainting, while I was intending not to go...
So I went 
The idea was....this. 
The river is the river of Life, which is Jesus 
At the river are drinking several animals, like the lion, the giraffe and a zebra. 
Each type of animal represents a people group or nation; for instance; 
The Albanian people, the Kosovar people, the Serbs, Turkish, and so on. 
The animals have to bow down in order to be able to drink from the river. 
So each individual has to bow down at the feet of Jesus to receive Life from Him. 
As they do so, there will come a peace, harmony, joy and rest, trust. 
They are than able to live together without hatred, jealousy and bitterness. 
There will be no need to have power or control over one another. 
They can be different, unique, as God created them to be and live together in harmony. 
The wolf can lay down together with the lamb as is written in Isaiah 11:6 
Wall painting in Djakova, Kosovo ….Lifehouse.. august 2000

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